How to use Motorola Assist on Moto G?

motorola-assist-on-moto-gWhat is Motorola Assist on Moto G?

Motorola Assist on Moto G is one of the most useful apps you can find.  It was provided by Motorola and, of course, it works on Motorola devices.

Motorola Assist on Moto G simply suggests actions to automate tasks, based on how you use your device. The app  works like your personal assistant, and works quietly.

Driving Assist is not available in the Motorola Assist on Moto G

The  Motorola Assist in Moto X and Droid (Droid MAXX, Droid Mini, and Droid Ultra) has three assists: driving, sleeping and meeting.

The Driving Assist lets you keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. Meeting and Sleeping will eliminate interruptions unless it’s an emergency.

But in Moto G, the Motorola Assist only comes with 2 assists: Sleeping and Meeting. The Driving assist is NOT available on  Motorola Assist on Moto G.

The explanation from Motorola is due to hardware limitation in  Moto G. So, do not waste time to find driving assist in your Moto G. Even if you manage to get the APK file, Driving Assist would not work.

Sleeping Assist on Moto G

motorola-assist-on-moto-g-sleeping-assistOnce you let your Moto G knows your normal sleeping time, Motorola Assist on Moto G will automatically silence your phone. of course, if you want, certain callers can still get through if needed.

You need setup your normal sleeping time first in the Motorola Assist on Moto G. Then , you can enable “Silence”  to turn on the sleeping assist..

If you want,  by tapping the “>” button (in the right column of  Silence, see attached image), you can create exceptions for favorite contacts, or someone who calling you twice within 5 mins.

If you change the phone volume when it is in sleep mode,  the sleeping assist will stop working and un-silence the phone .

If you manually silence your phone when Moto G is in sleep mode, you must un-silence the phone the next day. In other words, Motorola Assist on Moto G will not un-silence your phone if the silencing is set by you manually.

Sleeping Assist only silences the notification and ringer. All other apps and media players are not silenced.

Meeting Assist on Moto G

motorola-assist-on-moto-g-meeting-modeMeeting Assist can automatically silence your Moto G when you are in a meeting. Of course, you can add some exceptions so that certain callers can still ring you.

You can also choose to send auto-replies via text messages to missed calls from Favorites.

Motorola Assist on Moto G checks your calendar to figure out if you are in a meeting. Motorola Assist on Moto G  follows a complex set of rules to filter out things on your calendar that may not actually be a meeting (e.g. birthdays, reminders, etc).

Motorola Assist on Moto G considers that you are in a meeting if the calendar event:

  • is from a calendar visible on device
  • is from a calendar that you are the owner
  • has been accepted
  • is not deleted
  • is not cancelled
  • is not all day (all day event box checked) or duration < 24
  • has one or more guest attendees

Similar to that in Sleeping Assist, Meeting Assist will only silence the notification and ringer.

Have you tried the Motorola Assist on Moto G?

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