How to use Moto G camera and change camera settings?


The specs of Moto G camera may be not so impressive. But the 5MP rear camera in  Moto G can produce quite decent photos and videos. Most of the time, the photo quality is even comparable to that of some high-end smartphones.

Most owners like Moto G’s camera because using Moto G camera is so simple and straightforward.  And changing the settings of Moto G camera is very intuitive as well.

Use Moto G camera

moto g camera touch shootOnce camera is launched, you can touch anywhere on the screen to take photo, as shown in the image left.

To take multiple photos (burst mode), for example, the object is moving, and you want to capture different the object in different locations, you can just touch and hold the screen.

As updated in Android 4.4, Moto G camera also supports drag to focus and exposure. You can drag the green bracket anywhere in the screen. Moto G camera will adjust the focus and exposure of the photo based on this location.

moto g camera zoomTo use the digital zoom (of course there is no optical zoom in smartphones) of Moto G camera, simple drag up or down with one finger (as shown in right). The available digital zoom of  Moto G camera is  between 1X – 4X.

To switch between front and rear camera, touch moto g camera switch front and rear  in the camera screen

To switch to video mode and start recording, touch moto g camera video recording  in the camera screen

moto g camera still shot when recording videoTo stop video recording, touch moto g camera video stop  in the screen.

You can also take a still shot when you are using Moto G camera for video recording. To save a photo, touch anywhere on the screen while recording.

All photos and videos taken can be easily accessed from the Gallery app.



Moto G camera settings

moto-g-camera-settingsChanging settings of Moto G camera is also a snap. You can get the camera options by swiping the screen right. All  Moto G camera settings are there.

The interface is simple and very intuitive.

The symbols and meanings in Moto G camera settings are listed here for your reference.

moto-g-camera-hdr HDR (High Dynamic Range) is best when used for landscapes or outdoor portraits. HDR mode will not work when Flash is set to On.


moto-g-camera-flash Flash – Set flash to On,Off or Auto


moto-g-camera-focus Touch on the screen (tap to focus) . In Android 4.4, it is updated to drag to focus and exposure


moto-g-camera-slow-motion-video Take a slow motion video


moto-g-camera-panorama-photo Take a panorama photo


moto-g-camera-geo-tag Tag your photos with a location


moto-g-camera-setting-ratio Change the aspect ratio of  the photo to 16:9. The photo will be saved with a 3.8MP resolution. The default is 4:3 and the corresponding resolution is 5MP.


moto-g-camera-silence-shutter-soundTurn the shutter tone On or Off


moto-g-camera-setting-help  Get help on using the camera. The tips and instructions will be shown on screen if it is tapped.

Updating Moto G camera

Unlike any other Android phones, Motorola puts the camera app in the the Google Play store. So you can update Moto G camera without waiting for the system update.  You can always check whether there is udate by launching Google Play app (then check for update). Of course, you can also set the update as automatic.

Changing Moto G camera resolution

Sometimes, due to the limitation in the Moot G  storage, you may want to use lower resolutions for your photo or videos.

But unfortunately, Motorola does not allow you to change the Moto G camera resolution. You can only change the ratio.

So, the resolution of photos taken from the Moot G’s rear camera is always 5MP (at 4:3, default) or 3.8MP (at 16:9). To change the aspect ratio of Moto G camera, you can swipe  the screen  to right to get the Moto G camera controls. Then tap 16:9.

Of course, you can use third-party camera apps to choose the Moto G camera resolution. For example, Camera360 Ultimate (it is free in Google Play store) allows you to do this easily.

For videos, Moto G camera will always capture the video at HD 720p with 30fps. You simply have no options to change the settings.

Any questions with the camera in your Moto G? Please let us know in the comment box below.

More step-by-step Moto G guides, and  Moto G tips and tricks,  are available at  our most popular Moto G how-to guide page.

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  1. aakansha says

    My Moto g2 front camera not throws Camera Error “please restart camera”. Any solution for that?

  2. Barbara says

    I have a new Moto G, 2nd generation. After I take a picture, I am unable to find it in the gallery or in Google+ photos. I have EZ File Explorer. I could search in there, but I don’t know what file name the device would save the pictures I took under since I was not given any options, such as to “Save As.”

    • simonsimon says

      You may try to reboot the phone to see whether it helps.

      Ate the photos saved to sd card or internal storage? You can check the settings in camera app.

    • simonsimon says

      The default camera app in moto g doesn’t allow you to change the resolution. But you can some third party camera apps. Most of them allow you to change the resolution. You may try camera360 or Google camera.

  3. Steve Gabel says

    Moto G … Is there a difference between “Photos” and “Gallery”? I was playing with it. Taking a few pictures. And when it asked, “All the Time” or “Just This Once” I inadvertently touched, “All the Time” and I guess all the pictures are going to Gallery. How can I can that to “Photos”? and do I want to?

    • simonsimon says

      They are two different apps. Gallery is the default media manager. Photos are part of Google plus.

      The location of photos saved in your moto g is independent of such apps. Both gallery and photos get file location from media scanner. Your camera app save photos in the fixed folder. You can still open gallery app to manage all photos.

      In android, if more than one app can handle the same task, then when you want to perform this task, the system need know which app you are going to use.

      To reset the default app, go to settings- apps- Google+, tap clear defaults.

  4. vijayalakshmi says

    I want to know how to zoom and save a particular portion of the photo already taken and available in gallery. In moto g

    • simonsimon says

      You can edit photos in the Gallery app or photos app. Open the photo, then you have the edit option. You can crop the photo as you want.

  5. rohit says

    I bought a new MOTO G 2nd generation. everything going well but front camera is not working :( please suggest me for solution

  6. ashwani says

    I updated my moto g 1 gen last month, I can’t see pics and video taken by camera in gallery.. Till day before yesterday I could see..what happen? Pls guide me as those pics are important.

    • simonsimon says

      Very likely, you swipe from left edge of the lock screen. This is the quick way to access camera from lock screen.

      The digital zoom should work when spread your two fingers.

    • simonsimon says

      In the camera app, there is an option for you to save photos and videos to SD card (if the model supports SD card).

      I don’t think there are any know issues for saving photos and videos into the SD card if you choose a branded SD card (Class 10 is preferred),

  7. Gita Siegman says

    I can’t get to the photos I took. I want to get to “Gallery”, but seem to be “stuck” and can only take a picture or selfie and record.

  8. Lily says

    Why is there no sound on videos I recorded when the sound was not working? I presumed the microphone would not be affected? The sound is now working again after I turned it on and off but the videos still have no sound… Is there any way of restoring the sound? Thank you

  9. wxtre says

    The camera on my new Moto G (2nd-gen) is useless indoors. Without natural sunlight through the window pictures are distorted or have different hues such as blue or red. It is a good phone but I believe Motorola should have put a better camera in this phone. Each camera phone I have purchased over 10 years the cameras seems to get progressively worse. I thought progress was meant to go the other way and consumer products would improve. The Cameras in phones 10 years ago were better because companies did not use the cheapest lenses to maximize their profits..

  10. Victor says


    I have a Moto G 2nd Gen and every time I record a video it is not smooth, the image jumps from time to time… Any Idea on how to solve this?

    As aditional Info I’m recording to my SD card which is a Class 10 Card, and it also happens if I record to the internal storage…


    • simonsimon says

      I don’t think you can. But you can use tap to focus if you want to change focus.

      What do you want to achieve?

      Please note cameras in smartphones are designed to be simpler than point and shot cameras. Take out of phone and take a photo without much manual settings.

        • simonsimon says

          In the setting ring (which can be pulled out from left side, aka, swiping from left edge of he screen), you should be able to find the clock symbol. Tap it to set 3 to 3 or 10 seconds.

          If you cannot find the icon, try to check update in Play store.

  11. shruti says

    Hi simon.. I have been using moto g 2nd gen for two months now.. However two days back I noticed that any picture taken through front camera reverses itself. Could you please help me on this?
    Thank you!

  12. nikhil says

    i am not able to view old camera photos (which i took a month ago). I can only see them if i connecct phone throuhgh a data cable with my laptop… can someone help???

  13. bekah says

    I can get my camera to work fine just wen I push the the camera that switches to the front facing camera it says ” camera busy ,camera unable to start if this repeats turn off phone…well I turned my phone off a couple times it still won’t work

    • simonsimon says

      You may try to clear data and clear cache for the camera app in settings-apps-camera.

      You can also try third party camera apps to see whether you have the same problem when switching the camera. You may try camera360.

  14. sara says

    I can’t view the photos and videos taken with the phone’s camera. Everything else can be seen. Is it because I haven’t updated my phone?

  15. Michele says

    My camera is apparently on all the time. How do I turn it off so no one I don’t want to see can see where I am and what I’m doing? I have done a factory reset twice and still the camera is on.

    • simonsimon says

      Not sure how do you know the camera is on.

      By the way, the camera need take photos to record anything. Do you find any photos that are not taken by you.

      If you do not want to be tracked, you can turn off location service: but your phone company can always track you with your mobile signal.

  16. Prathibaa says

    Hi . I took pictures today in my moto g. After taking the pictures , I saw that the date in my phone was 17.1.15 . I changed the date in settings but the pictures were in 17.1.15 folder. Any idea how to change it ?????? Please help me.

    • simonsimon says

      It’s always auto focus. Motorola camera app doesn’t provide options to enable or disable it. What you can change is tapping to focus, in other words, you can change the focus area. You can find the setting in the ring.

  17. prakash says

    what is the advantage in android 4.4.4 kit over 5.0.2 lollipop version can you explain me plz
    explain advantage as well as dis advantage plz after updating to 5.0.2 my phone was slow thats y i am asking

  18. Nikhil Mohan says

    I update my Moto G2 two days back from Android 4.4.4 to Android 5.0.2, after which the phone worked just fine but later i noticed that in my camera i can only use the front camera & the option to toggle between the front & back camera is no more there. nor is the flash light option on the drop down menu. I have tried to hard reset the phone, safe mode, enable disable camera app, clear cache, disable 3rd part software’s, restart the phone, even install 3rd party camera apps & even removed the memory card, but nothing helps. in all cases only the front camera works. This has happened only after updating the phone to Android 5.0.2, prior to that the phone was just perfect & had no issues. also there is no physical damage to the phone & it was never dropped sat upon or miss handled. So how do i get my camera back to how it was when i had Android 4.4.4.I am sure its not a hardware issue its a bug with the Android 5.0.2 update on the Moto-G2
    Motorola Moto-G 2nd Generation 16GB Black. Model XT1068, System Version 22.21.28.en.03
    Thanks & Regards,
    Nikhil Mohan.

    • simonsimon says

      Not about the bug. It seems you have done everything you can do.

      If the camera switch does not appear in other camera apps, it usually is a hardware issue. You may visit local Motorola service center to check the phone.

    • simonsimon says

      Yes the lollipop update was released in both Moto G and Moto G 2nd Gen. But this depends on your region. You can check whether the update is available for your handset in settings – about phone.

    • simonsimon says

      It’s not functional. The cast screen is for Chromecast on nexus devices.

      On Moto G, including Moto G 2nd Gen, you still have to use Chromecast app of you want to mirror the screen to TV.

    • simonsimon says

      Moto G camera doesn’t have a burst mode. This is probably due to hardware limitations. You probably cannot make it faster.

    • simonsimon says

      In the camera settings. Pull the ring out from left side, and you can find the clock icon for timer. If you cannot find the clock icon in the ring, try to check whether you need update the camera app from Play store.

        • simonsimon says

          You may try to turn on/off HDR in camera settings to see whether it helps.

          You may also try some other camera apps, e.g.,camera360 to see whether the problem is hardware related or caused by the app.

  19. madhav says

    Hii I am using moto g 2nd generation. Is there any way to take a photo while the vedio is recording. Can you tell me

  20. Swap says

    How to manage photo in grid… I don’t want to display image of latest photo from any album on front when I open gallery..

    Is that possible?

    • simonsimon says

      The Gallery app does not provide you such an option.

      You can choose camera roll, highlights, albums and videos. I think the default is album. Camera is only one of the albums.

    • simonsimon says

      You may try other camera apps, e.g., camera360 or LINE canera to see whether the problem is caused by the camera app.

      You may also clean the lens cover if it’s dirty.

  21. Gurubelli varun says

    hi simon..i bought the mobile 2 days back,All working conditions are good,,,but whenever i am capturing the pic from my moto g2 camera,,,the picture shows some light red/orange shade ……the problem persists at day time and night time too.

    • simonsimon says

      You may check whether the plastic film is removed from the camera lens.

      You may also try other camera apps, e.g., camera 360 to see whether the photos have the similar issues.

  22. ankur abichandani says

    Hi Guys,

    I lost my switching camera icon on Motorola G. Any ideas on how to bring it back? I don’t see any options in settings.

    Please help.


    • simonsimon says

      You may reset the camera app in settings -apps – camera, tap clear cache, then tap cleat data.

      If it does not work, you may try some other camera apps, e.g., camera360 to see whether you can switch to front camera.

  23. gen says


    i’ve just transfered all my photos from my Moto G phone to my computer and am now trying to mass delete them from the phone and can’t figure out how.

    any suggestions? i’ve googled it and can’t find the answer yet. is this possible?


  24. Denise says

    How can you change how you take pictures on a moto g mine is on the volume keys i bought a selfie button and can’t change how you take pictures instead of on the volume button please help

    • simonsimon says

      Why not use voice command? If Motorola voice commands are not available in your region, you can use Google Now voice command.

        • simonsimon says

          In the camera app, you should have an icon for you to switch between front and rear cameras. If not, you can try to clear cache and clear data for the camera app.

          You can try other camera apps, for example, canera360 or LINE camera.

  25. praveen Kumar says

    When I take picture with my frilont cam. While seeing in the screen it looks brighter . after I take the picture it goes dim . what’s d reason fr this. I want the real image which was seen. Any tips for this ?

  26. lulu Garcia says

    How can I set contact pictures? I want to crop but it says it cannot save the new changes and won’t let me put the pictures.

    • simonsimon says

      You may try it again when the phone is connected to the internet.

      Alternatively, you can edit contacts on a PC. Go to your Google dashboard.

      • kalpesh says

        I OK I got that…now one more problem is dear
        When I play music from Google play…..there is no sound it comes for ½hr n again goes…for 3 or 4 hr m getting too disturb…because I cnt here music n wen I plug earphone also there is no sound….I have call to the moto care he give me the solution. Of reebot n switching off phone but still its same….so got to the gallery they put the new software….today……but its still happening again….so can u help me please…m wating for u reply…

  27. mukthar says

    Can any plz help with front camera when I use for video calling like Skype or any other video calling foto is very dark I mean other party cannot see my face clear…I had tried settings and increase brightness…does not help.

  28. Tanya langille says

    when I first got my moto g I could delete pictures by swiping them up or down. now I have to use the delete icon. what did I Change?!

    • simonsimon says

      Camera sensor only can focus one area. If you want to change the focus, you can use tap to focus.

      If you need some special effects, you can use apps to do these on any photos.

  29. Bob says

    My old photos no longer show up on Gallery – I can only see photos taken today on my ‘Camera Roll’. Same with the Photos app. I know they’re all still stores on the phone because I’ve used a third-party file manager app to navigate to the folder DCIM/Camera and there I can see (and open) today’s pictures AND all of my old pictures. Any idea why this is happening? I’ve tried restarting but it didn’t help.

      • Bob says

        That didn’t help, but thanks anyway. It’s a mystery. My photos are synced to cloud storage anyway so they’re safe, and I have to delete photos from the phone periodically or I’d fill up my storage – so I won’t lose sleep over it.

  30. gillian jones says

    I am new to Moto G. When I go into camera to take a photo it automatically starts taking photos and I can’t stop it, what have I done wrong?

    • simonsimon says

      Moto G camera app does not come with timer. You may try third-party camera apps that have timer. e.g., camera360 or LINE camera.

  31. kavitha says

    My Camera display blinks and some blue lights gets on and off at the time of capturing the pics. Can you please let me know the solution for this ?

    • simonsimon says

      Normally, you can simply reboot the phone.

      If reboot doesn’t solve the problem, you may try to clear cache and clear data for camera app in settings – apps.

      You cabn also test the camera with other camera apps, e.g., camera360.

    • simonsimon says

      You can use any video editors to extract any frames.

      You can also play the video, then pause, take screenshot.

      You can also copy the video to the PC. Play it with VLC media player, which has the feature to extract frames.

  32. Parkavi says

    When I try to take a photo, the focus circle starts rotating and takes ages to click a photo. It happens like once every 3 times I take a photo. Kindly help with the issue.

      • Bob says

        I’ve had this problem – I think for me it’s been a problem with a dirty lens (finger marks?) stopping the camera from focusing properly. Clean it (a clean/ new microfibre cloth works well) and see if that works better.

    • simonsimon says

      You just need set flash to auto.

      Anyway, if the lighting condition is not good, the photo quality will be not so good as well.

  33. Cliff says

    it is fine on the phone. It’s just a problem when I look at it on my PC. Its sideways and I cannot get it to rotate.

  34. Cliff says

    I turned my camera vertically to record a speaker. When I moved the video to my PC, the video displays horizontally. I need to rotate it for viewing on my PC. Can you tell me how to do that?


  35. melisa says

    i recorded a normal videos and everytime i try to use the slow motion Editting tool its say slow motion edit error .how can i solve this please?

  36. sumanth says

    The photos I take with my moto g front camera automatically rotate after the picture is taken…i.e the left becomes right and right becomes left.what should be done?

    • simonsimon says

      By default, the front camera always takes photos as mirrored. The camera app in Moto G does not have the option to flip it. Burt you can do this in any photo editing tool.

      Some third-party camera apps, e.g., camera360, line camera, allow you to choose mirror or not.

    • simonsimon says

      There is no special night mode in moto g. If to set flash as auto, the camera will automatically adjust its settings to match the lighting conditions.

  37. Ashley says

    I can’t figure out how to switch back to my camera from video. The icon in the bottom only is showing a recorder and not a camera. I used to be able to press the icon and it would switch back but now it doesn’t. Please help

    • simonsimon says

      You can tap anywhere except the video recording button to take photos.

      It’s not necessary to switch. There is no such a switch on Moto G. There is no camera button as well.

      The camera is always ready for photo and video.

    • simonsimon says

      The camera app in Moto G doesn’t have a timer. You may try camera360 app, which had a timer. Many other third party camera apps have it.

  38. Gilen Norwood says

    Really confused I have the video setting on my camera at present–not sure how or why this is. How do I return to just the ability to take pictures?

    • simonsimon says

      Tap anywhere except the video button to take photos. When you open camera app, you can either take photos or videos. There is no photo mode or video mode.

      The intention of this design is to make it simple and to avoid the operation of switching between the photo mode and video mode.

        • simonsimon says

          Once you stop the recording, you can tap the switch camera button. Is the button disappeared?

        • akshaya says

          Yes exactly d button seems to have disappeared. I tried everything rebooting, restored to factory settings etc but none seem to work please find a solution

        • simonsimon says

          You probably have to visit the service center as indicated in the warranty card.

          It is probably a hardware issue if factory data reset and updating cannot solve it.

  39. Piang says

    even when the screen locked, the phone screen sometimes accidentally slides to left side which automatically put the camera ON even inside my pocket. Is there a way to prevent this as it leads to multiple blank photos in gallery.

    • simonsimon says

      You can install another camera app, e.g., camera360. The camera app in the widget actually is not linked to the camera app. If you have more than one camera app on the phone, it will ask you to select. But if the phone is locked, you cannot make the selection.

      The purpose of the widget is for you to take photos workout unlocking the phone. But it’s very easily triggered accidently. Try the workaround if you want to avoid accidental activation.

    • simonsimon says

      you just need touch anywhere on the screen to take a photo. Did you check the Gallery?

      You can turn on the shutter sound by pulling out the setting ring from the left side.

  40. Zaid says

    Hi there. I transferred images to my moto g (running kitkat 4.4.4) recently using a Bluetooth transfer, and now i cannot view them using the gallery app nor the photo app, even though there is a grey silhouette of the images. I am still able to view all my camera roll images and other saved images on my device. Any reason for this discrepancy?

  41. Avinav Kumar says


    My moto g camera is saving the image with google photos but I want to save it with phone gallery and there is no option to save image with phone gallery as by mistake i used the feature to save pics with google photos always.

    Is there any way to change it, I tried to find the solution but didn’t find any. Please help!!

    • simonsimon says

      First, your photos are ALWAYS saved in your phone under DCIM/camera folder. Photos app only backups your photos to your Google+. You should be able to view photos in both apps.

      Gallery and Photos are two apps for managing photos and images on the phone. They do NOT save photos. They scan the whole phone and show you all pictures in your phone.

      You can manage files manually with a file manager, e.g., ES file explorer.

      If you want to clear defaults for photos app, go to Settings–Apps -Google+, tap clear defaults.

    • simonsimon says

      Most screenshot taken apps require root.

      If you need take a lot of screenshots from your Moto G, it’s better to take them with a pc. What you need is the android sdk and Motorola USB driver in the pc.

  42. Lisa says

    I quite literally can’t switch between front and rear camera. Not on the screen; not on the settings ring; not on whatsapp; not on viber; nor Skype. Not even the camera360 will download……….

  43. Lisa says

    My front view camera has disappeared!!
    I’m not a selfie obsessive, but Skype convos are proving most difficult!
    Kindest regards,


    • simonsimon says

      What do you mean disappear? In the setting ring, can you switch front/rear?

      You may try Camra360 app to see whether you can switch between the front and rear within that app.

  44. shaktikanta biswal says

    when i take a photo by using flash in dark suddenly it changes to red in colour…i dont get clear image…Any sloution for this

  45. peter says

    The picture images have the date/time of the picture within the file name, there appears no recording of the date/time the picture was taken. This means all photos have the same date, in my case 01-12-2011, not very good for loading into other apps like picassa. Is there a way of enabling a date stamp on the images

    • simonsimon says

      I checked the photos. The taken time is correct. Did you check the details of individual photo in photos or gallery?

  46. gowthami says

    when I am trying to take any picture from my camera of motog, getting a black line in the middle of screen. cleaned the lens also.still appearing

  47. robert says

    My Moto G camera is set at 16:9. It is supposed to be “switchable” to 4:3, but I can’t find the button described in sliding the screen to the riht as mentioned in the online manual…
    Any idea?

  48. kuldeep chand says

    in my moto g camera one line came in midddle of the picture, how to remove this please tell me, when i click th pic, in that image that line appears i had checked the setting , but didnt get, please help me

    • simonsimon says

      You may check whether the lens cover is dirty.

      If it is clean, and you still get a line in all photos, you probably have to visit local service centre because it could be a hardware issue.

  49. brush4312 says

    I have Moto G with 16GB but when I have checked it from settings >> Storage. It shows the Total space 12.92GB.
    please give some idea about that as the app and other resources is showing correct.

    • simonsimon says

      The total space in Moto G means 16GB minus space occupied by system files (OS). The number seems correct. System image size for Moto G is close to 3GB. Motorola also reserve some for future update.

  50. anitha says

    How do I change the video to camera mode? Yesterday I had taken some videos and now I m not able to change to camera mode.

  51. nitish says

    When I take a photo in flash the photo will turn reddish in color so can you plz tell how to clear these redishnes

    • simonsimon says

      If the lighting condition is ok, you should avoid flash. Most smartphones’ cameras suffer from this issue.

      You can try to edit the photo with some apps, e.g., photos app.

      You can also try some other camera app to see whether you can get better photos.

        • simonsimon says

          I don’t think there are any easy solution. You probably have to rely on photo editing software to improve the photo.

          The flash on most smartphones sucks. Normally, we need avoid to use flash unless the lighting is really bad.

  52. praveen thota says

    Hiii how can I put a timer for taking snaps in moto g……this is very much disa.ppointing.Help me out.

    • simonsimon says

      There is no timer in the Moto G camera app.

      You can try some third-party camera app that has a timer, for example, camera360.

  53. louisa says

    I wondered if there was any way of getting a timer on the camera as this is a very handy tool when using the camera especially when you have no hands free or need a family photo could you tell me if it has this feature, if not I highly recommend it

    • simonsimon says

      The camera app in Moto G does not have a timer. You can install many third-party camera apps with timer, for example, camera360 and line camera.

  54. Lori says

    Is there any way to turn off the shutter sound on screenshots? I turned off the shutter sounds in the camera settings but it still sounds on screenshots?

  55. Amie-Leigh says

    A good camera always has a self timer but I can’t seem to find it on on this phones camera or googles camera?

    • simonsimon says

      You can try many third-party camera apps with timer, for example, camera360.

      Motorola and Google is trying to make it simple and keeps only essential features.

  56. dunxd says

    Ok – now I got the geo tagging sorted :-) Any idea how to switch back to using Moto Gallery for previews for images. The Photos app takes too long to load.

    • dunxd says

      I found it. Go to settings apps, locate Google+. Click on the app, then in the apps settings page click clear defaults.

      Now go into the Camera in swipe from right edge to left. This will ask you which application to use. Select Gallery and Always and it will use the gallery app from now on.

  57. madhuri says

    My motog phone’s camera was giving error as camera error frequently. After restarting phone it starts working. But it happens almost every day or more than one time a day. After installing camera update. It gives error as restart your camera and same issue. I also cleared chach data and all. Please help me.

  58. manoj says

    Hi again
    I got 1 to 2 dots on screen when I open my rear camera. Is it normal to have so? Is it called pixelation?

  59. Mashira Anamika says

    hi. All the pics on my moto g have turned black. when i go to the gallery its all black. how can i fix this i just took grad pics and now i dont have any of them?

    • simonsimon says

      Copy them to pc to check.

      You may also reboot the phone. Sometimes, the issue was just caused by software problems.

      By default, all photos are backed up to your Google + unless you disabled it.

      • dunxd says

        Now I found it – I had no idea that you could scroll the fly out menu. Maybe worth mentioning it in the article as it really isn’t obvious to everyone. I’ve had this phone for months and thought I knew it inside out….

    • simonsimon says

      Motorola added the pause button for Moto G camera app in KitKat 4.4.3. Check whether the update is available for you.

      Prior to 4.4.3, there is no pause button. You have to use other camera apps if you need the button.

  60. Jo says

    Hiya I’m loving my MotoG which i have had since b4 Christmas, replacing my nokia N8. & considering that it has less than 1/2 the resolution I’m still happy with the pics most of the time. the only time i have problems is when photographing something red it always over saturates it! any tips??

  61. tnk says

    Hello Simon,
    On your suggestion I had reset my phone since my camera app was crashing. But even resetting the phone has not been able to solve the issue.what do I do now ?

  62. Pankaj says

    I am unable to change the aspect ratio in my Moto G ….its set to 16:9, when i tap it, it only goes on wide screen on thats it , is there any problem?

    • simonsimon says

      Moto G camera provides you two aspect ratio 16:9 or 4:3. it seems you get the setting already. Did you find any problems in applying the aspect ratio?

      • Pankaj says

        Yes , i dont get the option to change the aspect ratio, whenever i tap 16:9 it just activates the Wide screen, i dont even get to see the other aspect ratio to set. Other functions i can access in camera like HDR, Flash, Location, Panaroma, Slow motion , but unable to change the aspect ratio at all, is this how it works in all Moto G?

        • simonsimon says

          Moto G camera only have two aspect ratios. When you tap the 16:9, it actually toggle between 16:9 and 4:3.You can differ them from the black area in both sides. When in 16:9 mode, no black area.

          Most camera in smartphones have only these two aspect ratios.

          What missed in Moto G camera is the resolution settings. The camera always shoots in maximum pixels. If you want to use lower resolution, you may try other third party apps, for example, camera 360.

  63. tnk says

    Hey there ! I have an extremely serious and urgent problem with the camera on moto G. The app crashes as soon as I take a photo and also it is stuck in the front camera and the app crashes when I try to shift to the back camera. I have restarted, updated and cleared and rebooted the app and the phone but in vain. What do I do now ? Are there any third party apps to solve this or do I have replace my phone ? Or should I reset my phone ?

    • simonsimon says

      Backup your data, then perform a factory data reset (settings–backup& reset–factory data reset).

      Again, back up your data before resetting because factory reset will erase all your data in Moto G.

  64. nolette says

    once uploaded photos to computer is there an easy way to delete all photos off phone or do I have to do 1 at a time? Thanks

  65. shasahnk says

    when i click the images by my moto g it creates the reddishness in the picture……..whats that for

  66. Rakesh Kumar says

    Hi Simon
    My moto g mobile’s Wifi sometimes shows full signal but it does not connect to internet. It works after I restart the Wifi again. It happens very often and I’m worried if its a problem with hardware. Is there any way to solve this.

    • simonsimon says

      When the Moto G cannot connect to Internet, can other devices that connected to the same router connect to Internet?

      • Rakesh Kumar says

        I tried Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos and it worked well at the time of moto g’s Wifi failed to connect. It shows the signal bar with full strength but its like in idle state. It works only after restarting the wifi.

        • simonsimon says

          You may go to Settings–WiFi. Tap menu key (3 vertical dots), tap advanced. Uncheck “avoid poor connections” and uncheck “WiFi Optimization”.

  67. Rose says

    The slow motion doesn’t work on my front facing camera, however it works on the other side. Is that the way the phone is made or should my phone be able to do that?

  68. Nelson says

    Hey is it possible to change the default camera to the new one that Google made? I really prefer it to the moto camera. So is there a way?

    • simonsimon says

      Unlike other apps, I don’t think you can set default camera on Moto G. What you can do is to replace the camera in your favorite tray and home screen.

  69. kannanharikumarKannan says

    Is their any default sound recording app in moto g… in my moto g in settings->app->all ,thr is sound recording app bt i cnt find it with my apps.. and i cant record the phone calls too

  70. Brigid says

    I recorded something in slow motion accidentally and also for some reason, there is no volume. I figured out how to play it at regular speed but still no volume. Any suggestions for getting volume on the recording?

  71. Robert Maynard says

    My Moto G has an issue where the camera comes on (still or sometimes video) while the phone is in my pocket and the screen locked. I took 8 pictures of the inside of my pocket plus 2 videos. How is that happening with the phone locked?

    • simonsimon says

      In Moto G (and other Nexus devices), you can take photos without unlock the phone. In the lock screen, if you scroll left, you will get the camera.

      Unfortunately, this feature cannot be disabled, as I know.

    • simonsimon says

      The usable space is about 12gb. You may have some apps and a few other files. You may end up with maximum about 8gb for your photos.

      Each photo is about 1mb. So, you can save a few thousands photos.

      If course, you can always move your photos to pc or cloud storage of your storage is low.

      Please note, videos will take far more space.

  72. Gail says

    Silly question but does the video camera only video in slow motion? Is there no regularcspeed option?

    • simonsimon says

      Some video players allow this. In your pc, vlc player can do this easily.

      Most video editors also can extract individual frames.

  73. Teresa Shewell says

    I would love to know how you get your videos to be upright once you transfer them from your phone to your computer they show up sideways, I can’t figure it out Please help! Thanks

  74. Gautam Sharma says

    While swiping right to left on camera screen it asked if i wanted to view pics on gallery or by google photos named some mistake i chose that the pics to always open by that google photo app..i want to view the photos by gallery to change this setting now?..

    • simonsimon says

      The front camera needs good lighting conditions. It is also slow. So, you need hold it a while so that it can fully adjust to the environment.

  75. Ashish Dwivedi says

    I need to know how to change the default app to see the images which captured by camera. Earlier when I capture a picture and do right swipe, show option to choose to see the captured image. I set Google Photo app as a default application. So It is possible to revert back the default app to see images. I already clear data of Camera application but now worked.

  76. Brenda jarvie says

    Quite simply my previous phone an Expedia could be set with a ten second delay on the camera which I cannot seem to do with this Motorola mobile I have now .this feature was helpful and allowed me to use my camera on more occasions to get better pictures

    • simonsimon says

      Motorola removed a lot of useful features for camera in Moto G (and Moto X) to make it extremely simple to use for first-time smartphone users.

      But this annoys a lot of users as well.

      Anyway, if you need a timer for your Moto G camera, you have to use third-party camera apps, e.g., camera360.

  77. sudip says

    Can you please help me on how to take photo in HDR Mode? I tried a few times but end up with lots of photos in series,
    please guide me in step by step
    thanks in advance

    • simonsimon says

      You need tap HDR button/icon in the dial in the left side, then take picture as normal in your Moto G.

      You get many photos very likely because you touch and hold the screen. This will make your camera in burst mode and it will take multiple shots.

  78. Karthik.s says

    I am not able to pause in the video camera. Please help. I hav tried in many ways. But not at all working…

    • simonsimon says

      The pause feature is not available in the camera app. You can stop the recording and combine the clips later with a video editing tool.

  79. aditya says

    Hi when the phone is in locked state, we can still take snaps. How to control it or any child locking tools do you suggest? I have tried an applock app for restricting the camera from working. But my kid is intelligent enough to figure out a tweak to it by clicking volume button also we can take snaps even the camera app is locked with locking app. Can you please suggest any solution.

    • simonsimon says

      You cannot disable it in KitKat because it is not a widget.

      But you can install another camera app from Play store (e.g., camera360), then next time, it will ask which camera app to use. To proceed, you need provide unlock the phone.

      Anyway, for parental control, you can try some apps, e.g., kids place.

  80. Paddy O'Hare says

    Have had my Moto G about a month and used camera to take photos for contacts.Saved about a dozen pics but now when l take image phone not allowing me to save pics to contacts.Above the image in gallery it says Done and will not allow me to crop and save image. Any thoughts many thanks

  81. Michelle Entwistle says

    I have taken videos in portrait position but when I play them back on my computer they are rotated 90 degrees anticlockwise on the screen. Is there any way to rotate them back upright?

  82. hinal says

    How to remove an icon when v see photos we have share photo icon after selecting it the icon of the app remains beside it how to remove that icon?? Plzz help

    • simonsimon says

      After you navigate away, it should disappear.

      I’m assume you are talking about gallery app. Did you refer to something else.

    • simonsimon says

      You can try to connect the phone to your pc using the USB cable , then check the files from pc. Sometimes, a reboot may help as well.

        • simonsimon says

          Then very likely, the files are corrupted.

          Next time, you may turn on t auto-backup in Google+. You probably should choose WiFi only to avoid mobile data usage.

  83. Shaik Jaffer. U says

    Hey Simon,

    Whenever I take a photo from front Camera, it is coming as a mirror image .. . hope u understand my concern . .please help me out from this. .:(

    • simonsimon says

      Did you check the photo? The screen (view finder) for front camera is designed as mirrored. But the photo taken should be normal.

      If not, you can try to clear cache and clear data for the camera app.

      • Shaik Jaffer. U says


        I checked d photo , it is resulting as mirror image. . . I mean when I take photo of myself it is coming In opposite position. . . if I take from right side position the PIC will look like left side position. . . I cleared d cache also. . please help me , is the any settings that I need to change?

        If I use other Camera app like Camera 360 the photo coming normal .. .

        • simonsimon says

          Unfortunately, Motorola camera app does not give such settings. For existing photos, you can edit by mirroring it again in any photo editing apps.

          So, for selfie, you can use camera360, which is better than the stock camera app.

  84. Mustafa says

    i want to know that does moto g camera outside glass is scratch resistance as main screen (corning gorilla glass) ?

  85. kavita says

    How can we set timer in Moto G to auto click????
    I have tried all options & helps also goggled for this information, but i was not successful.
    Is there any solution for it; by any kind of download

  86. Maurits Berger says

    When the phone is locked and just in my pocket it takes pictures all the time. This option has probably been added to have easy and rapid access to the camera but it doesn’t work for me. Can the camera option be switched off when phone is locked?

      • Avi says

        No, this is an issue with the Moto G: If you’re using the camera app and press the power button, the phone sleeps, But, you can wake it with just the power button (i.e. you don’t need to swipe to unlock). Try it.

        So, if you last used your phone to take a picture, put the phone in your pocket, the power button can easily be pressed accidentally and you’ll start taking pictures without realizing. (The volume down key takes pictures when it’s pressed). This happens to me often!

  87. Mustafa says

    can we customize moto g without any third party launchers, means can we change font, can we minimize the num. of home screens & all & main thing can we keep separate wallpapers for lock screen & main screen ????????????

  88. husain says

    Moto g camera initialization error have done clear cache thing still not working
    Even reset the phone still not work

  89. praji says

    How to zoom image in Moto my phone only triple tapping on the screen makes the picture zoom. Can any setting be changed so that double tap will let me zoom the picture?

    • simonsimon says

      Pinch to zoom (touch the screen with two fingers and then drag them apart) should always work.

      In my Moto G, double-tap also zooms in.

    • simonsimon says

      When recording the video, you have no option to control the audio for the video. It is always recorded.

      If you just need audio, you can use voice recorder for audio recording. If you cannot find the app in your Moto G, you can try to get a free one from play store.

      • sudhakar Kalyanam says

        I want call recorder for my MOTO G. I tried downloading from google play store. downloaded one but not worked at all. I uninstalled it. How can I get call recorder and where from? Pls advise.

  90. vinoth says

    when i try to take video the camera stops and it shows and error as “Unfortunately camera has stopped”.Then i need to restart the phone to set to normal and then it works. Even when i play videos taken it shows “video cannot be played”..
    what is the problem and how to fix it?

    • simonsimon says

      The camera issue is very likely due to other apps or insufficient ram. You can install Greenify ( to force inactive apps to close. You can use widget to quickly closer all apps in the list. Please follow the instructions of the app.

      For playing videos, if the video was taken with Moto G camera, you should be able to play it. If the video is from other sources, the format may be not support. Anyway, you can always install some third-party video player, e.g., MX Player.

  91. mustafa says

    How to pause video recording in moto g means i want to pause my recording and continue what i have to do i dint get any optn.

    • simonsimon says

      Motorola does not provide the pause options for video recording in Moto G.

      You can use any video editing tools to combine the multiple videos into one.

      • mustafa says

        k thanx. one more issue that can we clear the data counter, i mean to say i want to clear all data counter to 0

        • simonsimon says

          You can move the photos, then go to Settings–apps–Camera, clear cache and clear data. Please note, this will reset your camera settings.

  92. Swati says

    At times when I open my camera on my moto g 16gb phone…it shows camera error… why is this so…n how to rectify…this has been number of times within a month of using it.

    • simonsimon says

      You may try to check (Google play) whether there are any updates for the camera.

      You can also try to reboot (restart) your Moto G. If an app keeps crashing, you should reboot you phone.

  93. says

    There are several options none say anything about switching back to the camera mode.
    ?? Am I moss reading one?

  94. says

    Hi, silly question. Somehow my camera icon switched to video. How do I switch it back to camera?

  95. Allwin says


    My problem here is when I click a picture and swipe right to view it I’m able to see the picture in Google photos but not in gallery… I changed the setting initially to photos. So now how do I change the settings back to gallery???

    Please help me on this!

    • simonsimon says

      You can go to settings – apps and locate photos app. Then tap clear defaults.

      If your Moto G was upgraded to kitkat, you can manage default apps under settings. (it may be not available in some regions)

      • Vikas says

        Hi Simon
        Thanks for such a value able informations,
        Regarding changing default program viewer in Camera, you told to clear default for Photo app under setting and apps.
        I am using Moto g with Kitkat4.4.2 but not able to find Photo app or google photo app pls help


        • simonsimon says

          It should be Google+. But you can quickly reset the default apps at settings–App, tap menu key (3 vertical dots). tap reset app preferences.

          You can install any clear /reset defaults app.

        • Vikas says

          Thanks Simon
          I had did the same and it has solved the it but It has reset the defaults for all the applications.
          But how come there is no app in all for Photos

    • simonsimon says

      You may try to reboot your Moto G to see whether the problem persists.

      If the problem is still there, you can then try to clear cache and clear data for you camera app (settings – apps).

  96. cookie11 says

    My front camera option disapeard on every camera app even the built in camera. I’ve tried restarting my phone and everything.

  97. Joanna Aizpuru says

    Hi my camera is not working..when I go to use it it cones up with a message!

    • simonsimon says

      No, the option is not available. You can use tap to focus which partially eliminates the necessity of the grid lines.

  98. ravi says

    i think use third party camera app so you can change res
    i used camera360 and it can change the res of camera
    open app – setting- advance setting – photo setting – photo size
    where you can change size to 5mp, 4mp, 3mp,2mp and 1mp
    easy :-)

  99. Arsh Uberoi says

    Hey! Thanks for all the guidance. But how do we change the default settings for viewing our video? (i.e. Movies/Gallery)

    • simonsimon says

      You can install a third-party player, and the can set it as default player for certain video types.

      Most players also scan the storage automatically, so you can play the supported videos inside the app.

  100. C. B. says

    Moto G photos seem to have a lot of in-camera smoothing. Finer details seem to be missing. In lower light, Curtains and carpets take on the texture of paper. Reminds me of an old Sony digital camera I had. I’ve also done lots of Photshop work, ans the Moto G’s pictures look like I applied too much smoothing.

    Can someone look into backing off the smoothing in the next update? More details would be preserved and you can apply smoothing or sharpening after, if you want.

    • simonsimon says

      You can try some third-party camera apps, which usually have more controls, for example, camera360.

      Motorola tried to make Moto G camera settings so simple so that users just press the button to take a nice picture. But it seems it was overdone.

      • C. B. says

        I agree with the overdone part. If the original photo is smoothed to the point of losing detail, you can’t get it back by sharpening. On the other hand, turning down the smoothing factor may result in more grain. And that’s the issue I see in lower light conditions.

        I can’t expect too much from the camera on a $100 phone, so my comments are more a suggestion than a complaint.

    • simonsimon says

      Moto G camera has HDR, which usually can give reasonable quality of photos under sunlight, especially when the sun is behind the person.

      Moto G’s camera is excellent for its price. Of course, it may be not as good as that in Sony Xperia Z1 or LG G2.

      • shailesh says

        But i just want to know that the Moto g camera is better than Samsung Core Duos,Micromax Canvas 2,Micromax Canvas HD,Nokia Lumia 520 and Samsung Galaxy Core I8262?
        Because these above phone also have same price list and camera.

        • simonsimon says

          For the phone itself, Moto G probably is far better than the models you mentioned.

          But for camera, it is too subjective.

          I think you can go to the local shop to test Moto G, which is available in many countries now.

    • simonsimon says

      You can use flash in low light conditions. The photo quality usually is not good under low light conditions, just like other smartphones or point-and-shot cameras.

      To get a HD picture (1280*720), you can take photo as normal, then view the photo in Gallery. Taking a screenshot then will give you the 1280*720 photo.

  101. Andrea says

    Hi, good news but how can i change video/photo resolution?
    My Moto G 8gb has only 1gb free and every (little) video is 100/200mb every time.. :-((

    • simonsimon says

      Unfortunately, Moto G does NOT allow you to change the resolution. The photo is always 5MP (at 4:3 ) or 3.8 MP (at 16:9). For photos you can only change the ration (4:3, default, or 16:9) The video is always 720p.

      I will update this page to add such info.

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