Moto G Manual (Mot G user guide)


Download the official Moto G user guide in your own languages.

You can read or download the PDF version of Motorola  Moto G  manual (Moto G user guide)  here. This is the official user manual for your reference. Usually user manual is your first resources when you have any question on your smartphones.

Your smartphone, Moto G, is a bit complicated if you are new to Android. This Moto G user guide will help you setup and use the smartphone. The manual is in PDF format. You can read online with the embedded reader, or download it to your own device or PC to read or even print.

This page is a collection of user manuals for Moto G 1st Gen.

If you are looking for user manual for Moto G 2nd Gen (Moto G 2014), please check this dedicated page:  Moto G 2nd Gen User Manual (Moto G 2014 User Manual).

1. Moto G Manual in English

Moto G Manual in EnglishThe English version of Moto G user manual is for Moto G phone bought in US, UK or some international market.  If you can find the version of your own language, please try to use that one.

It is recommend that you try to download the Moto G manual.  The online reader does not support the internal links (due to limitation of Google Doc viewer); while the downloaded PDF version has all features.

2. Moto G Manual  in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil)

Moto G Manual  in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil)Moto G manual in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil) is for Moto G phone bought in Brazil and South America market.  Motorola Moto G has two variants here: normal Moto G with single SIM, and Moto G with dual SIM. This user manual covers both.

Download the Moto G manual in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil)  is receommended.  The online reader does not support the internal links (due to limitation of Google Doc viewer); while the downloaded PDF version has all features.

3. Moto G Manual in German (Deutsch)

Moto G Manual in German (Deutsch)The German  (Deutsch) version of Moto G manual is for Motorola Moto G smartphone sold in Germany.  If you Moto G was bought in other markets, please try to find the matched user guide, although the difference may be marginal.

Please download the Moto G Manual in German (Deutsch) here. To reduce page loading time, we did not embed the PDF file here.

4. Moto G User Manual in Polish Language (język polski)

Moto G User Manual in Polish Language (język polski)The Polish Language (język polski) version of Moto G user  manual is for Motorola Moto G smartphone sold in Poland (Republic of Poland).  If you Moto G was bought in other markets, please try to find the matched user guide, although the difference may be marginal.

Please download the Moto G User Manual in Polish Language (język polski) here. To reduce page loading time, we did not embed the PDF file here.

5. Moto G User Manual in Dutch language (Nederlands, Netherlands)

Moto G User Manual in Dutch language (Nederlands, Netherlands)The Dutch language (Nederlands, Netherlands) version of Moto G user  manual is for Motorola Moto G smartphone sold in Netherlands (Nederland).  If you Moto G was bought in other markets, please try to find the matched user guide, although the difference may be marginal.

Please download the Moto G User Manual in Dutch language (Nederlands, Netherlands) here.

6. Moto G User Manual in French language (le français, France)

Moto G User Manual in French language (le français, France)The French language (le français, France) version of Moto G user  manual is for Motorola Moto G smartphone sold in France (French Republic).  If you Moto G was bought in other markets, please try to find the matched user guide, although the difference may be marginal.

Please download the Moto G User Manual in French language (le français, France) here.

7. Moto G User Manual in Spanish language (español, Spain)

Moto G User Manual in Spanish language (español, Spain)The Spanish language (español, Spain) version of Moto G user  manual is for Motorola Moto G smartphone sold in Spain (Kingdom of Spain).  If you Moto G was bought in other markets, please try to find the matched user guide, although the difference may be marginal.

Please download the Moto G User Manual in Spanish language (español, Spain) here.

8. Moto G User Manual in Italian language (Italiano, Lingua italiana, Italy)

Moto G User Manual in Italian language (Italiano, Lingua italiana, Italy)The Italian language (Italiano, Lingua italiana, Italy) version of Moto G user  manual is for Motorola Moto G smartphone sold in Italy (Italian Republic).  If you Moto G was bought in other markets, please try to find the matched user guide, although the difference may be marginal.

Please download the Moto G User Manual in Italian language (Italiano, Lingua italiana, Italy) here.

 Did not find the Moto G user manual in your own language?  Please let us know in the comment box below. We will try to find the Moto G manual in your language.

Please do not forget to read more step-by-step guides , tips and tricks for your Moto G phone in  our most popular Moto G how-to guide page.

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  1. Amber says

    How do I access my favorites folder? I was online and noticed I could flip up the bottom left corner to get to it…kinda like turning a page. But now I can’t seem to get to it again. Help please!

    • simonsimon says

      Do you mean bookmarks on Chrome browser? Tap the 3 vertical dots on top right to access the menu items including bookmarks.

    • simonsimon says

      All PDF links work. Would you please reload the page and let us know the number of the corresponding manual.

  2. Rajesh says

    I bought Moto g 1st gen a year ago , suddenly it’s miss behaving , pics n videos are not visible in gallery as well as photo app and even songs in music is not visible but d prob is they present in internal storage when seen through file manager app kindly help !!!

  3. George B. says

    New MOTO G 2nd Gen (5.0.2)… I just bought two unlocked for Europe. Wanting to be able to watch the DATA USAGE while we are there I’ve been working on the two phones. The problem with the Moto Settings/ Data Usage/ is that it is not as represented in the Moto Manual… It has no options to modify data information, no option to reset the Data Usage,.
    Motorola was absolutely no help… ok, if you call “RESET the entire phone!” …help.

    • simonsimon says

      You can change cycle, but not reset the usage data. When cellular data is enabled, tap the current date cycle, then tap Change cycle.

  4. says

    I have just replaced my Moto G with a 2nd Generation. I cannot find any way of entering a standard signature. Previously with other phones I have just replaced the “sent from my….”

  5. molly vandall says

    I cannot figure out how to upload a video from my gallery to Facebook. How can I add facebooks to my share options from my gallery?

  6. sheik mohamed says

    i am unable to send more than 2.50 mins on whatsup in single go from moto g mobile.

    For example:if i am sending 7 mins video,it split in 3 videos like 2.5 mins,2.5 mins,2 mins.

    kindly give solution for this problem as soon as possible.

  7. Christina says

    I bought an unlocked moto g (newest version) and then moved overseas. Despite all my friends where I now live being able to connect internationally with people through apps like what’s app and Viber; my moto g will not recognize or add any number that is not in the country I am currently residing in. I want to be able to call back to America but I have no way of doing that. Any help would be so appreciated!

    • simonsimon says

      You can add +country code to the numbers.

      WhatsApp is linked to your phone number.

      Any specific error messages?

    • simonsimon says

      Such ads very likely come from third party apps you installed.

      If you get ads in all apps (fir example, gmail,messages), you should reset your phone because very likely you installed some nasty apps. Try to backup your data before resetting.

  8. samuel says

    hi,i have a problem with my moto g xt1033,i cant use my favorite song as my ringtone and i cant send music to another mobile.please what can i do?

  9. Yash Rohilla says

    Hi Friends, I am using Moto g 2nd gen. If anybody can tell me how to stop the vibration while typing.. Also my Moto g takes too long to charge, is there any hardware issue or it works like this only.

  10. sonu says

    I have moto g,
    Problem what I face is that, when someone calls me,usually it shows option of either connecting or disconnect.
    But now it asks my pinthat is set for lock my phone, and untill and unless I didnt provide it, it doesnt allow me to recieve the call.i want my previous setting and wants to recive my call without any disruption of pin lock.
    Plz reply asap.

  11. chinna says

    i using motog1stgen when i updated to lollipop from that day my phone is vvvveyslow some times it will struck and i will not respond for 5 to6 seconds i have formatted my phone also plz slove this problem .

    • simonsimon says

      If factory days reset doesn’t solve the issue, it’s very likely caused by some apps you installed. You may restart the phone into safe mode to see whether the problem persists.

  12. Murugesh says

    I am using Moto G. After i syn my Moto G with PC , I deleted Camera Pictures and videos. I deleted more than 2.5GB, then storage space not enough message comes in phone. Also Now email also not syn due low storage space

  13. harmish bhatt says

    i am not able to import my all contacts from sd card to my new moto g 2nd gen…..when i tried sm of dem are imported but then process stoped and other contacts cant be imported from sd card….hlp me out

  14. Rahul says

    I have motog first generation.. Going through strange problem.. When I wake up in morning my on is on.. But if someone tries calling it tells them that the on is switched of… Until I make a call from my side to someone… M not able to understand… Tried every setting possible…

    • simonsimon says

      You cannot delete the scanned radio stations.

      But you can add the stations you want to use as favorite by tapping the star button in the right side of the station. The star will become blue. You can find all your favorite stations under Favorites. This is the correct way to manage stations in FM radio app.

  15. shalesh says

    how i stop push massage aur service massage in moto g 2nd generation. in massage setting this option not available.

    • simonsimon says

      For sms, it’s a mobile network setting. You can only turn off notification on the phone.

      Fir emails, you can set it in the email app or Gmail app depending on the app you are using.

    • simonsimon says

      Moto G does not support video call through 3G some carriers provide in Asia and Europe.

      You can use Hangouts for video calls. But it need WiFi or mobile data connection.

  16. Srimanth says

    I bought Moto g 2nd gen week days back. I noticed that my contacts are disappering when I start using mobile data or Wifi. Please help me on this. Thanks!

    • simonsimon says

      Didn’t you sync contacts with Google account??

      You should enable the sync with Google account in Settings–Google (under Accounts), tap the account and enable the syncing for contacts at least.

  17. lokesh says

    Regarding charger it has mention: Battery charger 100-240Volts/5.0 volts. so to charge my full battery from 10 to 100% how much time it will take to charge please tell me

    • simonsimon says

      It depends on the charger. The bundled charger probably has only 500mA output current. So it should take about 4-5 hours to charge the phone fully.

      You can use other chargers with higher output current (up to 1500mA). Do not use a charger with 2000mA ouput.

      If your charger has a 1000mA output current, it should take you about 2-2.5 hours to charge the phone.

  18. Sandy says

    Got A new moto g 2 a few days back.since this morn I am not able to fwd pics or videos on what’s app to my error msg. After a while says retry

    • simonsimon says

      Probably it’s due to the internet connection issue or WhatsApp server issues.

      You may check whether you can send messages.

  19. lokesh says

    Dear Sir,

    I am facing lot of battery problem. Usually other mobiles are charged only for one hour. But as Moto G daily its take full time to charge more than 3 hours it taking is that battery problem or In moto g its common for the all the handset of moto. please tell me. Cos I have buyed this mobile recently 20 days back so worried about it

    • simonsimon says

      Most smartphones need about 2 hours to charge from 0 to 100% with the official charger.

      The charging time depends on the charger as well. If you use a charger with 1500mA current output, you should be able to charge it full in less than 2 hours. If the output is 1000mA, it may take 2.5 hours. If the output is 500mA, it will take you more than 3.5 hours.

      You may check the current output of the charger first.

    • simonsimon says

      There is no such option on Moto G. Moto g can only import contacts from SIM card, not export.

      All your contacts can be synced with Google account.

    • simonsimon says

      In the box, it should state what are included.

      In some regions, no USB cable is provided if charger is provided. If charger is not provided, usually USB cable is included.

      Anyway, it is a standard micro USB to USB cable.

  20. Salman Ahmed says

    I have buy moto g 2nd gen on 8 October but its battery back up is not so good when I sleep at night keeping my mobile full charged then it shows 60% charged at morning where did its charge goes and solve my problem please I m very much upset with it….?

    • simonsimon says

      You need check which apps aster using the battery. Some apps maybe runnibg in background and your phone may not enter deep sleep state.

    • simonsimon says

      For moto g first gen, 5mp is the hardware limit. For the 2nd gen, 8mp is the limit.

      The motorola camera app doesn’t allow you to set resolution. But you can use third party camera apps to set resolution, for example, camera 360.

  21. swati says

    Recently i had bought motog 2nd gen….playstore is not working with mobile data(using new idea micro sim with 3g data taken directly from idea store) bt im able to download apps with WiFi connection….. when im opening chrome it displays “unfortunately stopped”… could you help me to sort these problems???

    • simonsimon says

      First, you need check whether you’re mobile data connection is established. Did you see the symbols of 3g,or H or H+?

      If you start Google play store, does it tell you no internet ?

      For chrome browser, you can clear cache and clear data in settings – apps.

    • simonsimon says

      You may try to use other camera apps, for example, camera 360 or line camera to see whether you get the similar problem.

      You may also try to check whether the glass is dirty.

  22. sandya says

    Hai, 2days back received motog 2g, but started using this evening, whenever I get a incoming call I not only hear ringtone but also buzz noise near speaker, can u plz tell me is it a defective set or there is a solution.
    Thank u

  23. lokesh says

    Just 2 days back i took new Moto G 2nd Generation. I have charged last night with full battery 100%. By today morning its 15% less battery & Its showing 85% in morning I did not use any application or calls by after noon it came to 50% and by evening 8.30 pm it came to 19%. So i am really worried is that its having any battery problem or any defect in new set. Please kindly help me

    • simonsimon says

      Please check the battery usage of individual apps and the system.

      You may try to adjust the sync settings fire each account or turn it off.

    • simonsimon says

      When you adding apps or widgets to the home screen, you can find a new page to the right of last page. Drop the app or widgets there to create a nee page with the app.

  24. lokesh says

    Dear Sir,
    I want to use copied music as Ring Tone in Moto G2 mobile. I am not able to set any songs or musics which is copied in mobile as ring tone why. Please guide me. Mobile default ringtones are not that good. I need a songs or music to be set as ring tone what is the step and way for that please guide me

  25. Sonias says

    i am using moto g 2nd generation, and i am gettin a lot of ads comin whil m using various apps. i am also nt able to reply as ads scrol down where v are suppose to type and wen iclick the ad page opens up… pls help me how do i remove ads.

    • simonsimon says

      You should NOT install such apps at all! You can uninstall them.

      If you really need such apps, try to disable the notifications for these apps (you have to do it one by one) in Settings–Apps. If you are not sure which app is spamming you, you can tap and hold the message, then tap app into to find out the app.

    • simonsimon says

      You should ask your phone company to block certain numbers.

      On moto g, in people app, you can edit the specific contact and choose transfer to voicemail.

      Motorola doesn’t provide the auto reject feature in call settings.

  26. lokesh says

    HI…I buyed new Moto G 2nd Generation yesterday. for first time usually HOw much time it should be charged first time pls help me

      • lokesh says

        Thanks & After that usually daily how much time we should charge until the battery get 100% or only 2 to 3 hours we should charge. tell me the correct time please

        • simonsimon says

          You should charge if until it’s fully charged. The time needed depends on the battery left and the charger.

  27. deepthi says

    How to move data from Nokia phone to motog??? I have download a software but moto g is not connecting to that software….

  28. Christina Ramirez says

    OK when I go to record something and I haveusic on right when I press record it turns on the music and won’t let me play it while I record please help

  29. Dana Asbury says

    I downloaded ringtones from but when I checked my settings I couldn’t find where I could actually set them as my ringtone… Any ideas?

  30. syed says

    hi am not able to read regional language on facebook in moto g 2nd generation and also am unable to use my mobile as usb modem to my pc for internet browsing using usb teethering

  31. KT says

    hey Simon,
    Its been over a month i bought moto g (XT1033) Now i am having trouble with whatsapp. Initially it was working fine but i am unable to open images exchanged over conversation lately, not all but some of them. when ever i click on the image, it says, “Sorry this media doesn’t exist on your sd card”. Please let me know if there is a way to fix it.

      • KT says

        Yes, i did, all the images/videos that i have sent are there in the manager as well as whatsapp but the images/videos that i have received are not there and in the conversation as well as in the media folder in ES file manager. I only see blurred images in the conversations and i am unable to open them as i mentioned before.

        • simonsimon says

          That means the videos were not downloaded successfully.

          You may check your media autov download settings in the WhatsApp (under chat settings)

        • KT says

          The media files were downloaded successfully, but when i view them again the next day, it shows the same error. However, I just reset the entire phone and now the issue seems to be solved.
          Other than this, the task manager keeps showing the error “restricted access changed” Its a dual sim phone (XT1033). How am i supposed to fix this now? Please help!

        • simonsimon says

          Probably, you didn’t insert the sim card tightly.

          If you trimmed the sim card by yourself, you may try to get the official micro sim card from your phone company.

    • simonsimon says

      No, Moto G message app does not read messages in the SIM card. If you have another Android phone, you can use SMS Backup & Restore app to back up them to a file, then restore it in your Moto G.

  32. vivek says

    hi, i m not able to adjust the screen resolution of my moto g .i have a wallpaper on my phone which is too big with respect to the screen size . i want to resize it and and make it fit to the screen .heip me out to do the same …

  33. cracky says

    When I upload any photo in fb ya I upload any resume on website. Its always give caution error like low memory problem even if my storage avabilitiy is empty.plz give me best idea how this remove.

    • simonsimon says

      Moto G doesn’t have a native app for it. The phone app on Moto G doesn’t support video calls.

      You can only use third party video chat services.

  34. Patti Cote says

    Does anyone know how to delete PDF files in downloads. I can’t seem to find anything anywhere about how to do this?? Help!

  35. kushal vyas says


    I have started using my office outlook in my moto G mobile few days back.
    i am able to view all the mails of inbox, sent items, junk etc. etc. but in drafts folder it doesn’t display mails.
    when i explore settings and other parameters ; i have observed that only for draft folder “sync this folder” option is disabled.
    i ma not able to enable that option by selecting that check box while in other folders i am able to do it.

    can you please guide me the steps by which i can access my drafts mail also in my mobile.

    looking forward for your positive reply.
    thanks in advance!!!

    • simonsimon says

      This is a known limitation of Exchange ActiveSync protocol. The draft folder cannot be synced.

      If you really, really need this feature, you may try MailDroid app (NOT recommended).

  36. Simon F says

    hi, not sure if this is correct thread, but I am having difficulty finding the settings I selected in battery saver mode and I am at a loss to where they are?
    the options were along the lines of below a certain (user selected) percentage of battery (I changed from 15% to 10% I think) it would turn off selected options such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Auto Sync, Screen Brightness and Auto-rotate screen etc.
    any idea where this is? has the latest software update altered these settings?
    thanks in advance.

    • simonsimon says

      I think you only can toggle on/off power saver (under settings–battery). There are no further settings for users. Most of the settings are probably hard-coded.

      Probably, you used some third-party apps to get these settings.

      • Simon F says

        Yeh, that’s my problem unfortunately. But I’m 99.99% sure I never installed any app to change these settings (and I can’t see anything in my Play history either). It was like an “initial setup” on the battery saver options??
        On the basis I can’t change anything on the phone, what apps are available that will allow me to do this?

        • Simon F says

          Noted you don’t use such apps.

          Thanks for your opinion, but you can keep it to yourself in future, I never asked if you thought it was necessary and find your mark a bit snide and not at all helpful.

          Clearly I have a technical issue and therefore find it completely necessary to establish how to find and change settings that I have (in whatever fashion) already changed – not an unreasonable assumption to make.

          Unfortunately assuming you might be able to offer more insight than “probably, I used some third party app” together with your opinion on necessity of said apps wasn’t as reasonable…..

        • simonsimon says

          My point is using such apps seldom improved battery life. This is the reason why I always recommend not to use such apps.

          I do understand different users may have different needs.

  37. A K Solanki says

    i am not satisfied with motog mobile. how can be upload a ms file or video in motog through data cable. how can we use otg in motog. please tell us. thanks

  38. ravi kannan says

    i have brought moto g in uk and after coming to india iam not able to use indian sim (airtel),as it is asking me to type the pin code ,which is actually not assigned ,and even after going to the airtel showroom or any phone service center i did’nt get any solution

    • simonsimon says

      Did you encrypt your Moto G?

      What does it say when it asks the pin code? Pin for the phone or for the sim card or for encryption?

    • simonsimon says

      This is not a problem. The message center number is set by the phone company and saved in the sim card. Motorola doesn’t provide an option for you to modify it, but Moto G has no problem to read it.

      If you really modify it (probably you should not), you can put the sim card in some Samsung or Nokia phones to modify. One you finish the modification, it should be saved in the sim card and it will be used in Moto G.

      Anyway, if you have any doubts on the settings of sms and MMS, you should call the phone company, they will then very likely send you a message. One you accept the message, the settings will be updated for the sim card.

    • simonsimon says

      There are no such settings. It is very hard to define a session.

      Anyway, you may check play store to find out whether there are any apps for this.

  39. munna says

    when i getting msg from whatsup or any messenger my mobile is vibrating so tell how to off that setting ?

    • simonsimon says

      Inside each of the app (messaging and WhatsApp), you can tap the menu key (3 vertical dots), tap settings. In notification section, you can then turn off the vibrate.

  40. Haki says

    Hi Simon,

    From the day I purchased my Moto G the battery duration was very less. I use battery saver option, stopped notifications for every app i Installed, using battery doctor app and i can see few apps r running automatically after 2-3 hrs, i stopped running those apps and few hrs later they are again running in background. I also use below setting too but not at all use.
    setting-developer option-back ground process limit -> no background process.

    Please can you help me regarding this ? I don’t want any apps to run until i manually open them. Within 10 hrs my battery is draining. Yesterday while i sleeping it shown 30% battery remaining, closed all the apps and make sure no apps running in background. But when I checked in the morning my phone got switched off.

  41. harrish says

    i got a motog few days back.i am not able to send or download pictures in whatsapp .any idea how to fix it? i tried reinstalling whatsapp but it is of no use.

  42. Raghavendra says

    Hi, I am unable to listen to music while playing songs using playmusic app. I then checked angry birds game and not able to hear the sound, checked you tube no sound, I tried to use volume control but its not allowing to increase. But can hear sound when I receive any call, alarm is working good also notifications too.

    Please help me in resolving this issue.

  43. aditya seth says

    hello everyone,
    first thing – i am using moto g – dual sim international version (india, asia)

    my bootloader is unlocked.

    i flashed wrong cwm recovery.

    now this is the main cause of my problem.

    after this I am not able to do anything with my phone.
    -it does not go in recovery
    -can not install any new recovery or even the stock one
    -can not even flash stock recovery ( giving ‘can not load : unknown error’ on computer) using….php?t=2542219

    -gives the same error when ever i try to flash anything

    – when i tried to delete cwm recovery, using…-recovery.html
    *#*#1234#*#* does not work. so i can’t get my pda and csc.

    – i tried searching the net day and night but nothing is helping.

    please just help me.

    is there any way i can fix this?

    • simonsimon says

      The simple way is to copy and paste. If you want to show it as an image, you can take a screenshot and forward the screenshot.

  44. kmal says

    i have copied pdf and vlc files from pc to moto g but they are not visible in phone .how i can open them??

  45. Murthy says

    My language is changed to Arabic suddenly (on it’s own). I cannot see the equivalent English language. How can I change back to English.
    All I can recognize is only by icons. Once into Settings, all is in Arabic.

    • simonsimon says

      You need figure out the language and input button and try to set the language to English.

      You may use Google translate on your pc to translate English terms info Arabic. The roughly, you can get the correct buttons.

  46. says

    In KitKat version of moto g, I am not able to use the mass storage facility for USB. Mtp and ptp is supported though but I am unable to transfer PDF. Please help

  47. Srinivasarao says

    I have some docs and PDF’s stored in MOTO G internal storage. Not able to read them. can one suggest me how to read without using wi-fi ?

    • simonsimon says

      You need some apps to read PDF file. If the PDF files are corrupted, there is no way to read them.

      You can also copy the PDF file to PC (using USB cable to connect the Moot G to the PC), then read from the PC.

  48. KSR says

    How to set up outlook email exchange server with all folders (Inbox, Sent, drafts, calender etc.) on Moto G? Also, is there any way to set up sync up time as ” Immediately when email arrives”? currently it shows sync up time max. 5mts which is not good.

    • simonsimon says

      You set the email server as Exchange, then all folders should be synced.

      For sync time, you just need turn on push notification.

    • simonsimon says

      If you are using mobile data (2G or 3G), you need check with the phone company. If you are connecting to wifi, you need check with the administrator of the router or the network.

      • Moto G XT1033 says

        i downloaded some songs via opera in moto g XT1033. but i couldnt find it. how can i find the songs.i checked that songs in downloads folder music folder. also i cant send songs via whatsapp. only voice record option available when i try to choose audio file to transfer.

        • simonsimon says

          You should be able to find it if you have any file browser (you may try ES File Explorer ( ), or if you connect your Moto G to a PC.

          Anyway, to share it with whatsapp, you can browse it with ES File Explorer, then long tap to select the items, tap the menu (More) button, you can share them through many apps.

          Sometimes, such downloaded files are not properly scanned and populated to music player. You can try to reboot the phone to see whether the music player can detect it.

        • Moto G XT1033 says

          how to change the camera ratio from 16:9 to 4:3. my camera is always shows 16:9. when i touch in 16:9 icon a skyblue colour line wil appear and disappear as widescreen ON/OFF mode. so please help how to change it.

        • simonsimon says

          Did you check the picture size?
          Anyway, using third-party camera apps sometimes is a better option. Camera 360 works with Moto G nicely. You can get all sizes as well. Also, the just- released Google camera is also very good.

  49. srikanth says

    Actually I have a problem with moto g(XT1033).

    when i am type anything in my phone it is vibrating. how to stop the vibrating.

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