How to take screenshot on Moto G (without using apps)


You can take screenshot on Moto G without using any apps. The hardware buttons are sufficient for you to take screenshot on Moto G.

how to take screenshot on moto g You may not know whatever you see on your  Moto G screen, you can share them with your friends or family members.  This includes web pages, home screen, apps screen, play list, game achievements….

Of course, it is only the screenshot, not the video file, or the app itself.

Taking  screenshot on Moto G is actually very easy.

You do not need any apps.

Actually most screen capture apps require a rooted phone. So, don’t consider any apps to take screenshot on Moto G.

You do not need ADB, which requires a USB connection to a PC for your Moto G. Many developers and Android geeks like to use this heavy tool.

To take screenshot on Moto G, you can simply  press and hold both the Power and Volume down key for about three seconds. You will hear the camera shutter click. Then, the screenshot is saved into your Gallery.

The trick is to press and hold the two buttons (see Moto G layout here) simultaneously. If you press power button too early, you will get power options. If you press power button too late, you will get volume options.

You can check the screenshot taken in Apps— GalleryScreenshots.

If you want, you can edit the screenshot in Moto G. The screenshot is just a normal image file.

You can also use any file explorer (e.g., ES File Explorer) to access individual screenshot files directly. All Moto G screenshot files are saved in the /sdcard/Pictures/Screenshots folder.

Is it very simple? This method of taking screenshot is native to all Android phones. So if you have other Android phones, you can try this method to take  screenshot next time. It should work.

If you have any questions on capturing screen for Moto G, please let us know in the comment box below.

More step-by-step guides , tips and tricks for your Moto G phone are available at  our most popular Moto G how-to guide page.

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  1. Anand Abraham says

    When I click my volume button for zooming it is being captured … How to change that …?? Kindly reply me …

    • John Collier says

      Let’s be real & honest the moto g screenshot android mechanism is erratic, dysfunctional and unreliable. On other phones it’s been reliable for me. It’s a silly motorola malfunctional android design, it should be redesigned and revert to an alternative new or previous design. All the other writers here know it’s a Motorola defect not our lack of skills. John

      • simonsimon says

        Taking a screenshot is a feature of android. I guess Motorola doesn’t change it at all.

        Some vendors may modify this feature. For example, Samsung uses home button with power button. But for phones without physical home buttons, there are very limited options.

  2. Wilfredo Barrett says

    HI. Ive had no problems taking screenshots up to now. My last screenshot doesnt show in Gallery (only a black image) and in the notification panel there is a Notification that reads “Screenshot uploading” that stays forever and nothing happens with screenshot in gray. Ive rebooted phone. Notification goes away. When i try to take screenshot again, everything repeats. Help. (Moto G 1st Gen)

  3. Mahes says

    You have said that both button should be pressed together when i press that together i am getting the power option and the sound option in the screen its not taking screen shot

  4. Saurabh Madnani says

    I’m able to capture the screenshot but it shows the image in the notification bar with the title “Screenshot is being saved.” for a long long time and eventually the screenshot doesn’t get saved. Please help me find a solution to this problem. Thank you.

    • simonsimon says

      Can you check the pictures/screenshot folder manually with a file manager?

      You may also try to reboot the phone to see whether it helps.

  5. jeetu says

    I have moto g 2nd gen the problem is whenever I open my camera it says camera busy and restart your phone . I tried many times but still my camera is not working so pls tell me what to do?

  6. Ken says

    Fanastic! You’ll have to practice to take a simple screenshot? Wait two seconds? It’s 2015 ffs! Is it some kind of game!? This is one of the quirks that makes me hate my Moto!

  7. Noel says

    You don’t need to turn the volume right down. All it takes is a little precision. My screenshot is taken within a second by quickly pressing the power+volumeDown buttons precisely at the same time. If you press the combination and you see the volume meter appear on screen, or it’s taking longer than 2secs, chances are you didn’t press the buttons properly and you should stop holding them down because your phone will restart.
    I find holding the phone horizontally makes the process easier, so give it a try.

    • Richard says

      That’s the vital advice. thanks.

      Hold the phone horizontal.

      You’d think that Android would make this less finicky. Oh well.

    • Glyn says

      Thanks Noel, I had the same trouble as the other guys. Holding the phone facedown and horizontally did the trick. My only issue now there is no screenshot folder in my Gallery, so I cant’t find it. What next?

      • simonsimon says

        Screenshots folder is under Pictures in the internal storage. You may install a file manager. e.g., ES File Explorer, to get the detailed path location.

        Once screenshot was taken, you should be able to find it in Gallery app.

  8. Don says

    I don’t like the button combo that activates screenshots for motorola-power and volume bottoms held for three secs. Because the volume indicator gets caught in the capture and obscures part of the pic which is sometimes the part I want to capture. Is there a way to a sign screenshot to diff buttons or turn the volume indicator off so it does get caught in the screen shot?

    • simonsimon says

      More practice. You should check the screen. If the power option or volume setting comes, you should release the buttons. It indicates you failed to press them simultaneously and triggered other functions.

    • simonsimon says

      Gallery or photos app can edit the screenshot. Actually, all photo editors can edit the screenshot in moto g because screenshot is saved as normal pictures.

      • simonsimon says

        By default, there should be no volume control in screenshot. Screenshot should be identical to your current screen. If you see the volume control on the screen, you can wait till it disappears. Then take the screenshot again.

        • jamal says

          Um every time you screen shot with the moto g it always has the volume in the way there is now way to cont get it out of the pic is there without crop it and losing some of your picture?

  9. wendy says

    They need to make a simpler way, I’ve been going at it for 5 minutes now and keep switching my phone off or getting some weird reboot message like you see on old pc’s, oops!! Heheh, I’ll keep trying.

  10. suvi says

    Thank You so much !!!
    It Worked….

    Steps :
    1) Put cell on vibrating mode
    2) Click Power button and volume low button togather
    3) Here you go… your snapshot saved !! :)

  11. Pramod Mishra says

    After pressing both the keys, a small screen appers. it describes the systems detail. anot another word-FASTBOOT OCCURES BEACUSE VOLUME KEY pressed.

    • simonsimon says

      Did it notify you that screenshot was taken? If the screenshot was taken successfully, you should hear a shutter sound.

  12. Girish Iyer says

    Its simple. 1. Put the phone on vibrate. 2. press the Power and lower volume key at the same time.
    Thanks Deborah…I took the cue from you

  13. pallav mukherjee says

    in about 3 hrs my whole battery drains out after full charge of 100% in my new moto g what to do now

  14. Stuart says

    That’s a difficult feat to pull off…works but you need to work on it. Well done Motorola for keeping their customers on their toes…

  15. It works says

    Just go to Settings, Buttons, Power Button and enable Take Screenshot. After hold press power button and select take screenshort from the menu in the screen.

    • simonsimon says

      Yes. You need unroot it before visiting the service centre. The damage caused by rooting (e.g., cannot reboot) is not covered by warranty.

    • simonsimon says

      In different regions, the update is released in different time. You may check with local Motorola service centre on the schedule.

    • simonsimon says

      Just practice. You either press the power button or the volume down button too early. The screen feedback will show this.

  16. jane says

    this is a very stupid, hard, and inconsistent way to capture sceenshots. why can’t android just enable apps to do this??

  17. lalit21itm says

    its very simple press both button at same time but bottom part of both button wait for 3 sec . it will work

  18. Santhosh says

    Sorry guys. I couldn’t take screenshot.
    I tried and tried.
    Thing is I have disabled many apps to save my battery. Pls help me

    • simonsimon says

      You have to continue trying. Once you get it, you will know it’s so simple.

      You can install greenify to save battery. Disabling apps may not always help.

      • says

        Its nothing about timing why are you all trying to confuse its easy just press both power and volume down at the same time and keep them pressed until you hear shutter sound and you will see screenshot being saved. Don’t confuse people. I followed instructions here and more confused it is simple both together and keep them pressed takes a sec or so

        • simonsimon says

          For experienced Android users, this is not an issue.

          But for many new Android users, the “simultaneous” is proven a problem based on my observation. If they cannot press and hold the two buttons simultaneously, either power option appears or the volume option appears.

          The solution is to slightly press power button earlier because power button is waiting for actions of press, press and hold, and long press and hold (for rebooting). So, it tolerates about 200-400ms press without responding, and therefore it is safer to press power button “slightly” earlier. Volume rocker does not wait for more actions. This is how the buttons are designed.

  19. Lilz says

    Heeeeeeeeeeeeeelp me! I have been trying for what seems like days, I no longer see light at the end of the tunnel! Please aid me in my recovery, just enlighten me, how do I screenshot on a moto G_

    • Kingben says

      I figured out the the trick to take screenshots on the Moto G. If you press the volume down in the normal way, it will rather show the volume bar. The trick is to press volume down at the very edge and not halfway.(assume the volume button is about 100mm in length) only press about 10mm near the bottom of the Volume button + the power button at the same time for about 2 secs. Hope this helps. Regards, Ben. (I almost gave up initially.)

    • Marimuthu K says

      Lilz hold your device in such a way to use your two index fingers; left index finger on power button and right one on volume down now try you will smile SURE

  20. Mustafa says

    Does Moto G will get further updates after 4.4.2 kitkat ? means 4.4.3 & 4.4.4 like this updates any info do you have about it ? coz recently nexus-5 got 4.4.3 update…..

    thank u .

    • simonsimon says

      No confirmation. But Motorola got very good record in updating the handsets, especially for Moto X and Moto G.

      Soon, Motorola will be under Lenovo. Nobody can confirm the update plan for Moto G.

  21. mustafa says

    How to save new contacts in sim card instead to save it to Google account in moto g , I am not getting that option in it. And also suggest me good file manager to suit my moto g.

    • simonsimon says

      For Facebook, it depends on the settings of the photo. For twitter, you can log tap the image to save pictures.

      Of course, this may also depend on the app you are using.

    • azad says

      In case if you are using default browser Chrome, long press on photo which you want to save from any website,

  22. mark says

    which call recorder do works on moto g 4.4, i am tired of checking each app and changing every settings of it, just to make it work.

  23. azad says

    It takes me to press power button for less than half second and then quickly press volume down….. Done !!!. But it is most bizarre way to take screenshot. Thanks for sharing.

    • simonsimon says

      Glad to know you can take screenshot now.

      This is the default method of taking a screenshot on all Android. Some vendors add a few other ways to do it, for example, Galaxy Note series can use the stylus (S Pen) to take screenshots.

      If you need to take a lot of screenshot, you’d better to do it in ADB from your PC. Most screenshot apps require rooted phone.

  24. Ken says

    Thanks! First couple of attempts didn’t work but after a few tries I was able to do it at will. The whole thing is pretty clumsy… which is kind of a shame since taking screenshots is a great start to asking for help when you need it.

    • simonsimon says

      Yes, it is not an easy job. But once you get used to it, it is simple.

      If you need take a lot of screenshot, it is better to connect Moto G to PC and take screenshot from ADB.

  25. jayson says

    Lots and lots of trying then suddenly got it. It is all about timing but it does work. I find it easier to hold the phone flat horizontal not upright then you can get index fingers of both hands on power and volume button which for me makes it easier to synch the press

  26. thiagu says

    Thanks for the article. The trick of pressing is press both times together at same time and not one by one.

    • simonsimon says

      Yes, to take the screenshot, you need press and hold both keys simultaneously.
      But in practice, you can press and hold the power button slightly earlier. If you press the volume down key earlier, you will fail to get the screenshot.

    • simonsimon says

      Glad to know you can take screenshot on Moto G.

      Actually, it is not necessary to be on vibrate. You enter that state because you pressed volume down button, but screenshot was not taken.

  27. Deborah says

    I think I cracked it. I put the volume on vibrate then held the two together and it worked once I got the timing right. Thanks

  28. deborah says

    I have tried this many times now and i either get my screenshot with the volume status in it or it doesnt work at all. Please help.

    • simonsimon says

      The timing is important to take screenshot on Moto G. You got the volume status very likely because you pressed the power button too late. You can try to “slightly” press power button first.

        • Mahes says

          Whenever i press both the buttons for few seconds my phone is getting shut down its not taking screenshot….pls help me

        • simonsimon says

          You pressed power button to early, and too long. When you see power options on the screen, you should release the buttons and try to take screenshot again later.

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